Hindu Religion

The Hindu religion does not have a unified system of belief encoded in a declaration of faith or a creed. A Hindu believes in many Gods not just one God.

Hinduism is also referred to as Sanatana Dharma, a phrase meaning the eternal law and is formed of diverse traditions and has no single recognized founder.

It is the predominant religion of the Indian subcontinent.

The term Hinduism was introduced by English people to refer to the religious, philosophical and cultural traditions of India. Hinduism is known as a Dharmic religion with the date of origin at 2500-3000 BC or older and is recognized as the world’s oldest main religion.

The Hindu religion has a vast body of scriptures which are divided into revealed and remembered texts. They are known as the Sruti and Smitri texts.

It is commonly accepted that there are six types of Hinduism, which encompass a variety of views on a rather diverse religion.

  • Folk Hinduism which is based on local traditions and cults of local gods at a communal level going back prior to the written word.

  • Vedic Hinduism as being practiced by traditional Brahmins. Vedantic Hinduism, Advaita (Smartism) based on the philosophy of the Upanishads.

  • Yoga Hinduism, based on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Dharmic Hinduism known as daily morality, based on the notion of Karma and upon societal norms such as marriage customs.

  • Bhakti or devotionalism as in Vaisnavism. Hindu beliefs include but are not restricted to these themes.

  • Dharma – ethics and duties.

  • Samsara – the continuing cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth.

  • Karma – action and subsequent rebirth.

  • Moksha – liberation from samsara.

  • Yogas – various paths and practices.
  • Bhakti Yoga, the path of love and devotion.
  • Karma Yoga, the path of right action.
  • Raja Yoga, the path of meditation.
  • Jnana Yoga, the path of wisdom.

    Most Hindus believe that the spirit or soul which is the true self of every person called the atman is eternal.


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