Shinto Religion

The Shinto religion is an animistic folk religion which originated in Japan. It is not certain at what time it originated.

Shinto is understood to mean “ the way of the gods”. Shinto and Asian Buddhism are in fact linked in Japan.

Practioners of Shinto believe in tradition, family, nature, cleanliness and ritual observation as the core of their values. Taoism has influenced their beliefs in nature and self-mastery.

Ritual cleanliness is the central part of Shintoism.

Shrines are common place in the this religion which reflects the animistic veneration of the kami. Kami is the deity of the faith and is in fact the sacred energies found in nature, trees, rocks, water which includes the Sun Goddess and her descendant, the emperor.

Popular Shintoism places an emphasis on shamanism, especially divination, spirit possession and faith healing.

There are no theological texts.

The holy shrine for the Shinto faith is The Temple of the Sun Goddess near Kyoto.

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