Who Founded Jewish Religion

Who founded Jewish religion is an often asked question.

Judaism as a faith is a monotheistic religion based on a set of beliefs and practices as presented in the Hebrew bible known as the Tanakh. This text is further explored and explained in the Talmud and other Jewish texts.

It is a religion based on a relationship between the Jewish nation and God.

According to Jewish tradition Judaism began somewhere between 1300 and 2000 BC, when God begins with the covenant with Abraham.

According to most Jewish belief, God established a covenant with the Israelites, when he revealed his laws and commandments to Moses on Mont Sinai, in the form of both the written and oral Torah.

Followers of Judaism whether converts or seculars (born into the Jewish nation) are called Jews.

Jews define themselves as a nation rather than a follower of a faith. However, Jews may live anywhere, not just in Israel.

In today’s Judaism, central authority is not centered in any single person, but rather in sacred texts, religious law and learned scholars (rabbis), who interpret those text and laws.

The main Rabbinic literature as well as The Torah which form the central core of Judaism are:

  • Tanakh (Hebrew bible and Commentaries) Works of the Talmudic Era (Classic rabbinin literature)

  • Midrashic literature

  • Halakhic literature Jewish Thought and Ethics

  • Siddur and Jewish Liturgy

  • Piyyut (Classic Jewish poetry)

    There are about 13,000,000 jews with 40% living in the United States and small communities elsewhere in the world.


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