Abrahamic Religion

The main Abrahamic religions are Christianity, Islam, Judaism. The Bahai Faith and Rastafari Movement are more recent.

Christianity encompasses the Roman Catholic religion and many Protestant religions. The majority of the world’s religious practitioners are based on the Abrahamic.

These religions are monotheistic faiths,that recognize a belief that originated in the middle east and identifies with Abraham.

These religions are derived from an Islamic term Millat Ibrahim and in the Muslim context, it is thought only Islam reflects the Faith of Abraham. Arab Muslims, have a relationship to Abraham through his son Ishmael, which is extended to include Muhammad.

Although the Koran does not identify the child Abraham was about to sacrifice, Muslims believe it was Ishmael, while Christians accept the biblical view that it was Isaac.

These religions share the following:

They are monotheistic religions, believing in one God.

They are people of the Book. The book is the present Bible, New Testament or the Quran.

Jersusalem is a Holy City.

Prophetic tradition, especially Islam respect Jesus, Moses, Abraham and Muhammed as the prophets of God.

Genesis and the Quran, as it mentions the Great Flood and the story of Noah’s ark, that was also mentioned in the Old Testament. Semitic origins as Judaism and Christianity, found their origins in the Jewish populations.

Islam was revealed to the Arabs in Mecca in the 7th century.

The faiths all have a basis in divine revelation, rather than in philosophical speculation or custom.

Abrahamic religions all have an ethical orientation. They speak of a man’s choice between good and evil, which is either obedience or disobedience to a single God and to Divine Law.

That life follows a concept of beginning and end. It began with the creation and will end with a Ressurection of the dead and final judgement.

These religions have an association with the desert, which has affected religious ethos.






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