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To explain soul and for an individual to accept this concept, it is my belief that one must believe in religion or at least believe in the possibility of a “Greater Power” or a “God”.

The soul to me is the spiritual energy that connects all human beings to the Agnostic “Greater Power” or to the religious concept of “God.”

To clarify, an Agnostic would believe in God only if he, she or it could be proven b y scientific means. They don’t disbelieve in God as does an Atheist but need it to be proven to their satisfaction.

All the main religions believe in a God and a soul.

Abrahamic Christian, Islam, Jewish, Bahai, Rastafari

Dharmic Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Janist

Far Eastern Tao, Shinto, Confucist

The soul to me is a very real and physical thing as scientific experiments indicate that there is a very small weight change in a human body at the time of death that cannot be explained. Many who claim to have paranormal senses report that the energy or aura surrounding a living body disappears at the time of death.

Some have claimed that they can actually see or sense the “soul” ascending to the heavens.

There is a school of thought that if the soul indeed does exist it is not a conscious entity that is to say it is part of a collective energy. It is an accepted truth by many that energy is neither created or destroyed but is simply converted to another form. This is believed by many to be a universal truth.

This however is not the belief of the religious as the soul is indeed rewarded for a life well lived or punished for a life badly lived. In fact, this is the concept of heaven and hell. Many who have experienced near death speak of an awareness of a phenomenon of a white light, of being in a tunnel or an out of body experience especially that of floating above their body.

However these same experiences have been noted in both meditative and drug induced state.

Eastern cultures believe that there is indeed nowhere to go at the time of death and each soul is reborn to another level of life. If the previous life was well lived you will return as a higher form of life and if the previous life was not well lived you will return as a lower form of life. This is known as reincarnation.

Modern science in fact ignores these beliefs as there is no tangible proof of such only anecdotal. The problem here is that modern science accepts electrical principles but there is no understanding of electricity and its ability to do work, yet work gets done.

To speak to the question “What is the nature of our soul?” we present articles as submitted by learned clerics of different faiths which were published in the Ottawa Citizen on Sunday, September 3, 2011.

Explain soul

Atheist Soul

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