Cleric Deviate Discussion

This web page asks that you relate any cleric deviate behavior that you have been subject to in your life.

The purpose is to make young people, boys and girls aware of the methods and techniques used to molest them, and help them to know how to react to a situation such as this, and not become a victim.

Being subject to an attempted molestation myself as a boy by a member of the clergy I feel that this sharing of experiences will perhaps protect others and help the victims to cope.

Many years ago if a boy or a girl brought an attempted molestation by a clergy member, to his parents, police or others in authority, they were summarily dismissed and or disbelieved. It was as if adults were programmed to disbelieve or they just could not deal with situation. This was probably more true for boys than girls.

In my generation most of us just dealt with it, but I am sure there were major ramifications with both drug and alcohol abuse because of it. However, it was not documented.

Perhaps the sharing of these experiences will be helpfull for many of us and will allow us a dialogue with others who have both sympathy and empathy, with this experience.

Perhaps we can simply help each other with our discussions.

Please, due to legal ramifications, no names of the perpetrators. There are legal avenues you may pursue if desired.

You well be anonymous, and rest assured your identity even your IP address will never be released to others.

Please forgive the few Adsense and Adsearch notices on the page. I am not attempting to generate any more funds than it takes to cover the cost of this website.

Here is hoping that we can perhaps help a child deal with or victim of any age cope with this misuse of trust and faith.

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