Does Man Need Religion Today

It has often been stated that if there wasn’t a god, man would have to have invented one. Does man need religion? That is indeed a fair question. It may very well be true, as man’s baser instincts tend to surface, when there are not a set of moral and civilized rules to govern ourselves.

Even with the moral and religious guidelines by which we govern ourselves, there is still ample proof of man’s inhumanity to man, or any other living animal on the face of the earth. In fact, organized religion has often been the perpetrator of much of the cruelty and meanness.

The main stream religions state, that man was made in the image of god and everything on this planet is for his consumption.

One hopes that God is a Jewish, black female. Does man need religion today? Perhaps the question should be do man and woman need religion today?

In fact, many people believe in a “greater power” as I do. It is hard to imagine that the universe evolved without some intelligent force behind it. Of course, beginning and end may just be a human concept and things were always as is. Does man need religion? Yes.

This greater power or god, is perhaps not aware of us as separate entities, just as we are not aware of the bacteria that surround us. Yes, a bacteria is indeed a life form.

It is likely that our individual electrical energy, simply becomes part of the energy of the universe. This is not a conscious energy. If the rule that energy cannot be created or destroyed, but just simply converted from one form to another holds true, this would support this theory.

Indeed, I hope this is not true, as then people who have perpetrated truly evil deeds, would not have to pay for their crimes. It is comforting to think that these people will eventually have to answer to God and suffer in hell. This of course being a Christian concept.

On the other hand, there are many people such as myself, to whom does not matter if there is or isn’t a heaven or hell. Having done nothing seriously wrong during my lifetime, if there is a heaven and hell, I would expect to be in heaven.

If there is nothing after death but nothingness, then we simply cease to be. One hopes this is not the case but if it is, there will be no awareness of it. I have had the misfortune to have been knocked unconscious twice during my life, there was no dreaming or awareness, until I regained consciousness. It was just lost time.

I don’t believe in organized religion, especially organized religion where male is dominant over female. This is it is in the larger well established religions. Does man need religion today, should be, does man and woman need religion today?

In fairness, the pagans probably had it right and Christians and Moslems have it wrong. It is hard to imagine why many females buy into the religions that are male dominant. I would need a female perspective on this phenomena.

Other than mainstream believers who believe in organized religion, to me there are three other classes of religious thought.

  • Believers who believe in God but not organized religion.
  • Agnostics who only believe in what they see and experience.
  • Atheists who do not believe in God.

    In my research for this website, one fact became obvious. No matter the religion, God always provided revelation to one person not a group and a man never a woman. This one person interpreted God’s word and took it upon himself to enlighten or educate other humans.

    This poses the questions:

    Why did God not provide revelation to a group of people?

    Why did God not provide revelation to a woman? After all I believe 52% of the world population is female.

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