Religious Opinion

Religious Opinion

This section features religious opinion on many religious subjects by those who are recognized as knowledgeable in the many religions of the world. Credit is given to the author and to where this opinion was originally expressed.

Many diverse subjects and opinions will be discussed.

These articles express opinions that are a result of deep thought and religious belief but it is a given that as strongly as one believes it is truly unknowable until the time of death where perhaps to the religious “all will be known” or there will be “nothing”.

As is other than learned or acquired faith there is no actual evidence only what is believed to be documented truths from previous times and to many this is accepted as evidence because of mass popularity and/or social acceptance.

Atheists do not believe in a God or any other greater power as there is no scientific evidence of such.

Many who believe that man is made in the image of God discount the mathematical improbability of such when you ponder the size of the universe. Many believe there is as much chance that we are an isolated biological accident that will soon go extinct as many species have before us.

My truth is that the origins of existence are truly beyond human understanding and no one can claim to have informed knowledge on this subject, just uninformed opinion.

It is believed by many of the faithful that God offers free will to all believers and that includes free will to do evil. Many ask the question why. Many ask why we must exist here on earth before ascending to a heaven.

Many believe the religious thought that all that was the earth was given to humans to do with as we see fit. It is believed that this is the overriding factor as to why we are in our present situation of over population and diminishing resources.

After all if we are made in the image of God is it not out god given right to use all resources as if these resources will be forever available. We don’t see the varied religions of the world preaching to us to practice any type of conservation.

The authors of these opinions represent many religions of the world the main religions beig as listed.


  • Christian
  • Islamic
  • Jewish
  • Bahai
  • Rastafari


  • Hindu
  • Buddhist
  • Sikh
  • Janism

    Far Eastern

  • Tao
  • Shinto
  • Confucist

    Question: Is it a virtue not to eat meat?

    Catholics and Meat

    Atheists and Meat

    Buddhists and Meat

    Hindus and Meat

    Jews and Meat

    Question: Can one be a realist and religious?

    Atheist Realist and Religious

    Bahai Realist and Religious

    Buddhist Realist and Religious

    Jewish Realist and Religious

    Muslim Realist and Religious

    Catholic Realist and Religious

    Protestant Realist and Religious

    Question: How important is meditation as a spiritual path in your faith?

    Buddhist Meditation

    Jewish Meditation

    Muslim Meditation

    Catholic Meditation

    Protestant Meditation

    Question: What is Heaven?

    Atheist Heaven

    Bahai Heaven

    Buddhist Heaven

    Jewish Heaven

    Muslim Heaven

    Catholic Heaven

    Anglican Heaven

    Sikh Heaven

    Question: Do others have the right to define what's ethical for me?

    Atheist Ethics

    Bahai Ethics

    Buddhist Ethics

    Jewish Ethics

    Catholic Ethics

    Anglican Ethics

    Hindu Ethics

    Protestant Ethics

    Question: What role can religion realistically play in the eradication of poverty?

    Atheist Poverty

    Bahai Poverty

    Buddhist Poverty

    Jewish Poverty

    Catholic Poverty

    Anglican Poverty

    Protestant Poverty

    Question: How does your faith express thanks?

    Catholic Thanks

    Atheist Thanks

    Jewish Thanks

    Sikh Thanks

    Muslim Thanks

    Bahai Thanks

    Protestant Thanks

    Question: Does your diety punish and reward in this life?

    Catholic Reward and Punishment

    Atheist Reward and Punishment

    Jewish Reward and Punishment

    Muslim Reward and Punishment

    Bahai Reward and Punishment

    Buddhist Reward and Punishment

    Question: Is religious persecution declining or growing?

    Catholic Persecution

    Atheist Persecution

    Jewish Persecution

    Protestant Persecution

    Buddhist Persecution

    Question: Does the desire for prosperity conflict with religious values?

    Catholic Prosperity

    Atheist Prosperity

    Jewish Prosperity

    Muslim Prosperity

    Bahai Prosperity

    Buddhist Prosperity

    Sikh Prosperity

    Question: Is killing to defend your country justified?

    Roman Catholic Killing

    Jewish Killing

    Muslim Killing

    Bahai Killing

    Buddhist Killing

    Hindu Killing

    Question: How can you distinguish real holy men from charlatans?

    Catholic Charlatan

    Atheist Charlatan

    Jewish Charlatan

    Bahai Charlatan

    Buddhist Charlatan

    Hindu Charlatan

    Protestant Charlatan

    Anglican Charlatan

    Question: Is religion alive and well or struggling to survive in Canada?

    Catholic Religious Survival

    Atheist Survival

    Jewish Religious Survival

    Bahai Religious Survival

    Buddhist Religious Survival

    Protestant Religious Survival

    Anglican Religious Survival

    Sikh Religious Survival

    Question: Do you believe in last days?

    Catholic Last Days

    Atheist Last Days

    Bahai Last Days

    Buddhist Last Days

    Protestant Last Days

    Muslim Last Days

    Hindu Last Days

    Question: Can ordinary folks experience a state of grace?

    Catholic Grace

    Bahai Grace

    Buddhist Grace

    Protestant Grace

    Muslim Grace

    Jewish Grace

    Sikh Grace

    Question: Some people say children should be left to make up their own minds about religion. Do you agree?

    Jewish Child Indoctrination

    Atheist Child Indoctrination

    Anglican Child Indoctrination

    Sikh Child Indocrination

    Buddhist Child Indoctrination

    Muslim Child Indoctrination

    Roman Catholic Child Indoctrination

    Bahai Child Indoctrination

    Metropolitan Bible Child Indoctrination

    Question: Is it appropriate that statutory holidays like Easter and Christmas celebrate events in the Christian calendar?

    Roman Catholic Religious Holiday

    Muslim Religious Holiday

    Jewish Religious Holiday

    Buddhist Religious Holiday

    Atheist Religious Holiday

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