Jewish Killing Discussed

Question: Is killing to defend your country justified?

Jewish Killing

Rabbi REUVEN BULKA is head of Congregation Machzikei Hadas in Ottawa and host of Sunday night with Rabbi Bulka on 580 CFRA. I would turn the question around, and ask you — If your country is under siege, is there any justification for standing by and letting the siege succeed?

It is logical to presume that any country under siege is not being attacked by nice people. The likelihood is that if the siege succeeds, the victors will not be kind to the vanquished. To think otherwise is delusional.

Therefore, allowing such an attack invites the almost inescapable consequence that the citizens of the vanquished country will suffer greatly. Why should there even be a question about defending one’s country being justified?

Your question may be founded on the laudable premise that killing is ugly, and should be avoided. No argument there, as long as the insistence on avoiding killing does not include self-defence or national preservation.

If the aversion, even refusal to be involved in killing, includes refusing to resist when being invaded by evil people, that places every freedom-loving country in jeopardy. The enemy, knowing its adversary will not fight back, will therefore have an easy time, almost an open invitation, to perpetrate evil.

How would the world look today if, during the Second World War, the free world would have done nothing and allowed the Nazis to march forward with their diabolical agenda? These monsters were already swallowing up the world country by country, with little or no resistance.

Had there been no allied intervention, and had the Nazis therefore succeeded, all non-Aryans, which includes blacks and Muslims, would have been wiped out entirely. Anyone who doubts this just has to read their expressed agenda, and how they were already well on the way to carrying it out. The Jews were the first targets, but not the last.

In that threat to the world, killing was more than justified. It was necessary, in order to save the world from even greater calamity. It was justified even if it was to defend other countries, not just one’s own country. On a global level, this is no different than when any concerned citizen intervenes to save the life of someone, even a stranger, who is under attack.

Calling in the police, or the troops, to protect from evil, is fundamental to the defence of liberty; something well worth remembering this time of the year, and always.

Jewish Killing

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