Online Religion

I would like to form an online religion which would be an informal religious group.

Any study of the history of religion would indicate three truths; god’s word was always revealed to a man, there were no witnesses, as it was always one man, never a group and god never revealed his word to a woman. This is a little suspect since half the world’s population have always been women.

The intent of the forming of this online religion is to gather together a group of like minded people. This religion would simply be a group of people who believe in a greater power or a god, but in fact don’t believe in dictatorial organized religions which have a hierarchy and bricks and mortars facilities.

This group will not be asked to send money to anybody at any time and I would respectfully request that no member make a donation request as it will not be published. There exist many sites and organizations that presently accept and administer donations.

I believe that God, although conscious of our presence is probably is not aware of us as individuals. However most of us do believe in the power of prayer and perhaps we could combine our efforts in group prayer to help those in need as requested by other members.

We will not shy away from difficult subjects and any subject is acceptable.

Suggested subjects are:

The death penalty and are there crimes that demand an eye for an eye?

Should pedophiles be given the choice of prison or chemical castration if they want to be released back into society?

How do religions deal with pedophiles in their congregations?

Why are most religions male dominated and why do women accept this state of affairs?

Are a great many born again Christian religions responsible for spawning fanatics and only exist to enrich flamboyant ministers?

Most terrorists are moslems. How do we trust the majority who are not?

Using this forum I would request that you submit articles which explain your beliefs and opinions on various subjects. We ask that these opinions be mostly positive and explain your own beliefs but not criticize others beliefs.

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