Religious Information

The Religious Information website speaks to the subjects as listed and is available in 88 different languages.

Subjects dealt with on this website are,

Commentary, Ghost Stories, Paranormal Belief, Apostles, Religious Opinion, Explain Soul, Online Religion, World Statistics, Statistics by Country, Abrahamic Religions, Dharmic Religions, Far Eastern Religions, Folk religions, Other religions categorized A to Z, Atheism

Agnosticism, Gnosticism, Paganism, Religion and Porn, Cleric Deviates

History of the 26 bibles that have been written to date.


Commentary speaks to the author’s personal beliefs in religion and to the question “Does man need religion today” as given in Religious Information. There nay be as many opinions as there are people but this is my personal commentary.

Ghost Stories is a selection of Ghost stories.

Paranormal belief and the acceptance of this belief within the religions of the world.

Apostles gives a description of each of the Apostles. This explains that indeed there were thirteen Apostles not twelve as commonly believed.

Religious Opinion

This section features religious opinion on many religious subjects by those who are recognized as knowledgeable in the many religions of the world. Credit is given to the author and to where this opinion was originally expressed. Topics discussed, religious charlatan, children, ethics, grace, heaven, killing, meditation, persecution, poverty, prosperity and diet.

Explain Soul

Speaks to, for an individual to accept this concept, it is my belief that one must believe in religion or at least believe in the possibility of a “Greater Power” or a “God”. My Agnostic belief or disbelief simply states that before I believe I want to see proof of God. There is a lot of proof that there is no God.

Online Religion

Speaks to the possibility of like minded people forming an informal organization to investigate the possibility of forming an open minded group.

World Statistics

Gives world statistics giving the number of folk practicing each religion in the world as presented in Religious Information.

By Country

The countries of the world are listed and the different types of religion being practiced in these countries is presented. The religions of recognized countries is presented here.

Also given is an alphabetic list of countries, with the major religions being observed, the population of the country and the number of people practicing each religion.

Abrahamic speaks to the religions included.

Dahrmic speaks to the religions included.

Far Eastern speaks to the religions included.

Folk speaks to the religions included.


Religion and paranormal

My studies have shown the western Abrahamic religions, (Christian, Islam, Jewish, Bahai, Rastafari) and Dharmic (Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Jain) are more receptive to a belief in the paranormal).

The Far Eastern religions (Tao, Shinto, Confucist) are not receptive to a belief in the paranormal. Folk religions (Chinese, African, North American, South American, Russian, Australian, European) may or may not be receptive to the paranormal.

It would appear that when there is little or no acceptance of religion and paranormal belief it tends not to manifest itself.