Most Popular Religion

Other than the main religions, which have been listed as Abrahamic, Dharmic, Far Eastern and Folk religions, many individuals have a most popular religion.

To date I have listed religions of varied backgrounds. This list will grow as my personal research continues.

These religions are all an off shoot of the main religious groups in some way. Most are the personal interpretations of God’s word, as perceived by ordinary human beings.

These ordinary people have accomplished the extraordinary, by convincing others of the truth of their personal beliefs. As time passes there undoubtedly will be other religions spring up.

I don’t include cults in these discussions, as many cults have negative connotations for those involved. I differentiate, because I believe all religions try to motivate people to live good lives and not consciously hurt others.

Other religions alphabetically are:

This list will be updated as information becomes available.

Religions A



Ahl-e Haqq Religion

Ahmadiyya Religion

Albanian Orthodox Religion

Anglican Religion

Animist Religions

Armenian Apostolic Religion

Armenian Catholic Religion

Armenian Evangelical Religion

Asatru Religion

Ayyavazhi Religion

Religions B

Badimo Religion

Baptist Religion

Brethern Religion

Bulgarian Orthodox Religion

Religions C

Calvinist Religion

Chaldean Religion

Calvinistic Methodist Religion

Cao Dai Religion

Christian Fellowship Church

Charismatic Movement

Cheondogyo Religion

Church of Ireland

Church of Melanesia

Church of Nazarene

Church of Scotland

Church of Tuvalu

Church in Wales

Congregational Church

Coptic Church

Religions D


Druiz Religion

Dutch Reformed Church

Religions E

Eastern Orthodox Religion

Eckankar Religion

Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo

Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo

Evangelical Alliance

Evangelical Lutheran

Evangelical Religion

Religions F

Falun Gong

Free Wesleyan Church

Religions G

Greek Catholic Religion

Greek Orthodox Religion

Religions H

Hare Krishna

Religions I

Iglesia ni Cristo Religion

Ismailis Religion

I Kuan Tao Religion

Religions J

Jehovahs Witnesses Religion

Jeungism Religion

Religions K

Kimbanguist Church

Kirant Mundhum Religion

Religions L

Lamaistic Buddhist Religion

Latter Day Saint

London Missionary Society

Lutheran Church

Religions M

Manichaeism Religion

Macedonian Orthodox Religion

Maronite Religion

Melkite Religion

Methodist Religion

Mennonite Religion

Modekngei Religion

Mormon Church

Moravian Church

Religions N

New Apostolic Church

New Thought Religion

Nusayri Alawi Religion

Religions O

Orthodox Religion

Religions P

Parsi Religion

Pentecostal Religion

Presbyterian Religion

Religions R

Religious Science Church

Roman Catholic Religion

Romanian Greek Religion

Russian Byzantine Religion

Russian Orthodox Religion

Religions S


Santeria Religion


Scottish Episcopal Religion

Seicho No Ie Religion

Serbian Orthodox Religion



Srauta Religion


Syriac Christianity

Syro Malankara Religion

Syro Malabar Religion

Syriac Orthodox Religion

Religions T

Tenrikyo Religion

Theravada Buddhist Religion

Religions U

United Church of Christ

Unitariun Universalism

Ukrainian Orthodox Religion

Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox

Ukrainian Greek Catholic

Unification Church

Unity Church

Religions V


Religions W

Wahhabis Religion

Religions Y

Yazidi Religion

Religions Z

Zionist Christian

This list will be updated as information becomes available.

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