Chaldean Religion

The Chaldean religion is in fact an ancient Assyrian religion and they are considered as Eastern Roman Catholics who worship under the Chaldean rite. There are small groups of Chaldean adherents located throughout the world.

The church is said to have originated in the in 1551 because of a dispute in the Assyrian “Church of the East and dissidents who formed a separate church that was recognized by the Roman Catholic Church.

There was indeed a Chaldean empire stretching back to the time of Babylon.

The language in which the Chaldean Rite is still conducted Chaldeo-Aramaic, which it’s adherents claim was the language of Christ.

Chaldeans differ from the Roman Catholics in that they baptize by immersion.

Some take exception to the Chaldean Church rejection of it’s Assyrian heritage and that the leaders belief that they are ethnically Chaldeans.

It is believed by some scholars that joining the Caldean religion did not change the fact that their heritage was Assyrian and the fact that the church was an Assyrian denomination. This is disputed because it was and is not only Assyrians who joined the Chaldean church.

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