Modekngei Religion

The Modekngei Religion or also known as Ngara Modelngei is a monotheistic faith originating in 1915. It was founded by Temedad who was from the island of Babeldaob and spread quickly throughout the islands of Palau.

It grew during the 1st and 2nd world wars and is practiced by approximately 10% of the population of Paulau.

The faith began as a nonviolent opposition to the Japanese occupation and is an amalgamation of native animistic and Christian beliefs carried on in an oral tradition of chants called keskes, tending to reinforce the native culture heritage.

All of the islands of Palau are predominantly Christian with 30% Catholic, 30% Protestant and 40% other religions. Modekngei is one of the other religions and has strong ties to magic, legend and legends.

The Palau islands were brutally occupied by the Japanese during the second world war and the practicing of Modekngei was considered a form of ongoing protest and resurrection.

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