Greek Catholic Religion

The Greek Catholic Religion refers to Eastern Catholic Churches or the Roman Catholic Church in Greece which follow the Byzantine liturgical tradition.

The church accepts that the pope is infallible and that Mary was born without sin.

There are Greek Catholic Churches in other countries:

  • Albanian Greek Catholic Church (apostolic administration):
  • Albania (1628)
  • Belarusian Greek Catholic Church (no established hierarchy at present): Belarus (1596)
  • Bulgarian Greek Catholic Church (apostolic exarchate): Bulgaria (1861)
  • Croatian Greek Catholic Church or Byzantine Church of the Eparchy of KriĹževci (an eparchy and an apostolic exarchate): Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro (1611)

  • Greek Byzantine Catholic Church (two apostolic exarchates): Greece, Turkey (1829)
  • Hungarian Greek Catholic Church (an eparchy and an apostolic exarchate): Hungary (1646)
  • Italo-Albanian Catholic Church (two eparchies and a territorial abbacy): Italy (Never separated)
  • Macedonian Greek Catholic Church (an apostolic exarchate): Republic of Macedonia (1918)
  • Melkite Greek Catholic Church (patriarchate): Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Jerusalem, Brazil, USA, Canada, Mexico, Iraq, Egypt and Sudan, Kuwait, Australia, Venezuela, Argentina (1726)
  • Romanian Church United with Rome, Greek-Catholic (major archiepiscopate): Romania, United States of America (1697)
  • Russian Catholic Church: (two apostolic exarchates, at present with no published hierarchs): Russia, China (1905); currently about 20 parishes and communities scattered around the world, including five in Russia itself, answering to bishops of other jurisdictions

  • Ruthenian Catholic Church (a sui juris metropolia, an eparchy, and an apostolic exarchate): United States of America, Ukraine, Czech Republic (1646)
  • Slovak Greek Catholic Church (a metropolia and three eparchies): Slovak Republic, Canada (1646)
  • Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (major archiepiscopate): Ukraine, Poland, USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Germany and Scandinavia, France, Brazil, Argentina (1595)

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