Armenian Evangelical Religion

The Armenian Evangelical Religion is a very recent religion which was established in 1846 by thirty seven men and three women in Constantinople.

There was an awakening intellectual and spiritual movement in the 19th century which encouraged enlightenment by studying the bible. A school was opened at that time and the principal aim of this school was to train qualified clergy for the Armenian Apostolic Church.

However, the result of this "Pietistical Union" instead of just studying the bible, questions were raised regarding the practices and traditions of the church, which seemed to conflict with biblical truths.

The Armenian Patriarchate of Constantinople retaliated and excommunicated the reformists causing them to eventually form the Armenian Evangelical Church in 1846.

There are churches in Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Egypt, England, France, Georgia, Greece, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Uruguay and the USA.

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