Jeungism Religion

The Jeungism Religion also known as Jeung Sando originated in Korea in the 19th century and preached a message known as millenarianism and of meditative healing. The central text was published in 1922 and outlines the Renewal of Heaven and Earth the theory of Jeungic teaching which is the way of nature.

It is based on the teachings of Gang Il-Sun who is believed by adherents as being the incarnation and personification of Sangjenim the governing spirit of the universe. The faith has its beginnings in the ancient beliefs of Korean shamanism and Chinese Taoism.

Gang Il-Sun stated:

“Since ancient times, a few have mastered the writing of the heavens, a few have mastered the principles of earth, but no one has mastered the nature of humans. I am the first to master the nature of humans”.

"There are opportunities for human action, "There is a program for each heavenly principle. The work of renewal is based on creating the opportunity and establishing the program. If I were to abandon this method and perform the work forcibly, it would bring disaster upon the world and kill multitudes. That is not My intention."

According to Jeungistic teachings, humanity lives in a pivotal age. Throughout history, humankind has existed in conflict. For the most part, people achieved their goals at the expense of others. Strife has been a natural mode of growth, but this is all about to change.

Key theological concepts are:

  • Cosmic year
  • Gaebyeok
  • Taeeul Ju (mantra)
  • Wunshibanbon (returning to the origin)
  • Haewun (Resolution of Bitterness and Grief)
  • Sangsaeung (Mutual life-giving)
  • Boeun (Offering Gratitude and Repayment)

    Gang Il-Sun died in the year 1909.

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