Badimo Religion

The Badimo Religion is a traditional religion of the African country of Botswana.

The term “Badimo may be understood as ancestors but is also understood to mean the living dead. Dead ancestors continue to be present and are active in the daily lives of people and tribes.

Prior to the missionaries arrival the Batswana believed in a Supreme Being, Modimo, a creator and director, but also distant and remote. However, more present and having a greater influence on daily life were the ancestors, the Badimo.

Ancestor worship was shown in the respect accorded elders and their ability to influence the young. After death their spirits left their bodies to join other Badimo.

They were venerated and invoked, appeals are addressed to them and they are placated with sacrifices, prayers and appropriate behavior. Badimo intervened actively in daily life and could withdraw their support making descendants vulnerable to disease and misfortune.

Most Botswana today also belong to African independent churches that teach Christian and non-Christian practices, beliefs and symbols.

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