Calvinistic Methodist Religion

The Calvinistic Methodist Religion is a group of Christians who form the Presbyterian Church of Wales and claim to be the only Presbyterian denomination in Wales which is of pure Welsh origin.

The church originated in the late 17th and early 18th century and was founded by Reverend Griffith Jones who was in striking contrast to the apathetic clergy of the period. He was a powerful orator and truly cared bout the plight of the poor.

Men by the names of Harris and Rowland became supplicants of Jones and they continued on with Jones ministry. However Harris and Rowland disagreed on a doctrinal point “Did God die on Calvary” and it opened in a split in 1751 which lasted until 1762.

The Calvinist Methodist Religion was known for it’s missionary zeal and the missionary collections of the denomination were given to the London Missionary Society from 1798 to 1840, when a Connexional Society was formed. The missionary enterprises were centred in the Khasia and Jainta Hills and the Plains of Sylhet in northern India. There has also been a missionary in Brittany since 1842.

The church is now a mixture of Presbyterianism and Congregationalism with each church managing it’s own affairs and reporting to the district on a monthly basis.

In doctrine the church is Calvinistic, but the preachers are not rigid and also tend towards the Evangelical.

The Calvinistic Methodists are intensely national in sentiment and aspirations and are considered loyalists. They take a great interest in social, political and educational matters and are prominent on public bodies.

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