Dutch Reformed Church

The Dutch Reformed Church originated in the 16th century during the time of the Protestant Reformation under the influence of the Calvinistic teachings. At the same time reformed churches holding similar theological views were founded in France, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, England and Scotland.

At this time there are approximately 2 million church adherents.

It never was the Dutch state church, but law demanded that all public officials must be a member of the church.

When the Kingdom of the Netherlands was established in 1815, the church became even more centralized. At this time the new government imposed rules and regulations that put the church under royal control with the church head being appointed by the King until 1852. In 1853 the Church and State became completely separated.

The church remained the largest church in the Netherlands until mid 20th century when it was surpassed by the Roman Catholic Church.

In 2004 the church merged with the Reformed churches and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Netherlands to form the Protestant Church of the Netherlands.

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