Evangelical Alliance

The Evangelical Alliance, although considered a religion is a London-based charitable organization founded in 1846 with a claimed representation of over 1,000,000 evangelical Christians in the United Kingdom.

It has Alliances established in Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. It was a founding member of the World Evangelical Fellowship as well a being a member of Global Connections, the UK network for organizations and churches involved in evangelism around the world.

The Alliance lobbies the government on various political issues, for example the the organization played a leading role in the opposition to certain sections of the Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006.

A controversial position was taken in 2006 when the Alliance released a report which stated that violent revolution should be regarded as a viable response if British legislation encroaches further on Christian rights.

It stated that, as most Christians accept, they should be politically involved in democratic processes, many believe this may, where necessary, take the form of active resistance to the state. This may encompass disobedience to law, civil disobedience, involving selective, non-violent resistance or, ultimately, violent revolution.

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