Cheondogyo Religion

The Cheondogyo Religion is also referred to as Cheondism or Chondoism and is a combination of Korean Shamanism, Taoism, Buddhism with elements being drawn from Christianity.

It is a 20th century religious movement, based on the 19th century Donghak movement founded by Choe Jeu which started with the peasant rebellions of 1812.

Chendogyo theology is monotheistic, pantheistic and panentheistic.

It is an increasingly popular religion in both South and North Korea. In North Korea it is reported that it is the major religion of the country.

As stated in Wikipedia, Cheondoist theology preaches that God (Haneullim, a concept taken from ancestral Korean shamanic beliefs) resides in each of us. It strives to convert our earthly society into a paradise on earth. It attempts to transform the believers into intelligent moral beings with a high social consciousness. In this respect it could be seen as a humanistic, socialist religion.

Cheondogyo translated literally means “religion of the Heavenly way, where cheon means Heaven, do means Way, Gyo means religion or teaching.

There are about 1.13 million adherents and 280 churches in South Korea and 2.8 million adherents in North Korea. North Korean Cheondoists are represented in politics by the Cheondoist Chongu Party.

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