Church of God

The Church of God is a name that many unrelated Christian bodies use and are mostly descended from Pentecostal/Holiness or Adventist roots.

They claim many members, worshiping in about 900 congregations in almost 100 nations and territories. Because the churches are unrelated there are no accurate estimates of practitioners.

The churches claim that after many years of apostasy and compromise, God is again restoring His church in this end-time. This is a divine move of the Holy Ghost, as ordained by God and prophesied of in Revelation and other scriptures.

God is again calling all of His true children out of every sect and schism back to the one fold, the precious Church of God. The glory of God is in our midst, unity prevails, and young and old are finding help for their souls. The Bride is now making herself ready for the soon return of her Lord and Savior.

Major denominations

  • COG (Cleveland, Tennessee)
  • COG In Christ
  • COG (Anderson, Indiana)
  • COG of Prophecy

    Lesser denominations

  • Pentecostal Movement
  • Pentecostal COG - headquarters in Joplin, Missouri
  • COG of the Union Assembly
  • Redeemed Christian COG
  • The (Original) COG (aka The COG in Chattanooga, Tennessee))
  • The COG (Charleston, Tennessee)
  • The COG (Jerusalem Acres)
  • The COG for All Nations
  • The COG in Divine Order
  • The COG under the leadership of Bishop James C. Nabors
  • Pietist/Holiness movement
  • COG (Guthrie, Oklahoma)
  • COG (Holiness)
  • COG (Restoration) <.li>Churches of God General Conference (Winebrenner)
  • Seventh Day Churches of God
  • GOD, an International Community -- David Hulme, president.
  • COG International (USA) - based in Tyler, Texas
  • Church of the Great God - based in Charlotte, North Carolina
  • General Conference of the COG (Seventh-Day)
  • Global COG - based in the UK, affiliated with the Church of the Eternal God (U.S.) and the COG, a Christian Fellowship, (Canada)
  • Living COG - based in Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Philadelphia COG - based in Edmond, Oklahoma
  • United COG - based in Milford, Ohio
  • Worldwide COG (pre-1995; now evangelical, non-Sabbatarian)
  • World Mission Society COG

    Other denominations

  • Apostolic Overcoming Holy COG
  • Christian Baptist COG
  • COG (Huntsville, Alabama)
  • COG in David (now called Spiritual Israel Church and Its Army)
  • COG by Faith
  • COG General Conference
  • COG in Christ, Mennonite
  • COG Mountain Assembly
  • COG of the Original Mountain Assembly
  • COG with Signs Following (aka Snake Handlers)
  • COG, House of Prayer
  • Church of God - Preparing for the Kingdom of God
  • Fire Baptized Holiness COG of the Americas
  • Members COG International - headquarters in Apalit, Pampanga, Philippines
  • Most Holy COG in Christ Jesus - based in Philippines

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