European Folk Religions

European folk religions also include the British and for the most part refer to people, who make occasional use of what the main stream churches have to offer.

Folk usually refers to the ways in which particular groups with their own traditions, especially at the level of individual households, relate to their social environment. There are more and more small or folk religions springing up, as people become disillusioned with the main stream religions.

With many of these religions, there is a continuing exercise of private, personal expressions of religions in households but yet little evidence of a public display of the belief system.

Many conventional religious people attempt to classify these folk religions as folk religions, superstition, conjuration, magic, divination, witchcraft, hoodoo and voodoo. This is a basic attempt to denigrate the new religion ,as many consider these new religions as having a negative impact on the main stream religions.

Indeed at the time when Henry the 8th separated from the Roman Catholic Religion centered in Rome and founded the Church of England, he would have been considered as being a heretic. Yet it could also be considered a folk religion at that time. Timing is everything.

It should be understood that the majority of new folk religions are indeed an attempt to lead people to good, as opposed to cults, which tend to center on an individual leading the cult and directing people towards bad behavior, if not directly to evil.

Folk Religions

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