Russian Folk Religions

Russian folk religions should be more properly referred to as a Slavic religion which was polytheistic and practiced before the enforced Christianity and then the Communist atheistic system.

Folk usually refers to the ways in which particular groups with their own traditions, especially at the level of individual households, relate to their social environment.

We do not know if there are folk religions emerging in Russia, as state controlled media probably does not allow coverage of such.

With many of these religions there is a continuing exercise of private, personal expressions of religions in households but yet little evidence of a public display of the belief system.

It should be understood that the majority of new folk religions are indeed an attempt to lead people to good, as opposed to cults, which tend to center on the individual leading the cult and lead people towards bad behavior if not directly to evil.

Slav religious beliefs were passed down orally as the Slavs had no written tradition.

There is little or no evidence of the Slavic folk religion being practiced today and it must be considered for the most part as an extinct religious practice.

Folk Religions

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